Rankings are critical for investors wanting to identify which cities are the most attractive and those that are most liquid so they can develop a diversified portfolio. That’s why PATRIZIA has developed a European Living City Index that examines 142 capitals and larger cities. Assessed on four critical subsections, the European Living City Index enables residential investors to understand the drivers that render a city attractive in the long term and tailor their investment strategy accordingly.

Mahdi Mokrane

Head of Investment Strategy & Research, PATRIZIA


Discover Europe's Most Liveable Cities

Europe's Most Liveable Cities

The complete PATRIZIA Index features 142 European cities. However, we have highlighted 15 that we believe are of particular interest and relevance for investors. Find out the cities we believe to be the most dynamic and vibrant in the long term.

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The Index enables PATRIZIA to structure our thinking about the investment focus of our funds in the cities we cover and direct our investment activities. This helps investors diversify their portfolios by location and risk profile and identify target cities according to risk-return requirements.

Konrad Finkenzeller

Konrad Finkenzeller

Capital Markets International, PATRIZIA

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