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Access to data nowadays is more critical for decision making than ever. Today, developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning mean that computers can undertake much of the grunt work. Indeed, using intelligent analytical methods they can detect relationships between data points that were until hidden by the mass of information.

PATRIZIA has 200+ experts on the ground in 14 European countries. We back their intimate local knowledge with smart, industry-leading AI-driven tools that enhance the ability of our experts to quickly identify, assess and quantify opportunities. Spatio-temporal regressions, or analytical tools like the PATRIZIA Amenities Magnet show the way to the future and will improve decision making and, ultimately, investment performance. Have a look inside at some of the tools we use...

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As someone who preferred to walk the streets with our local investment experts, I was astounded by the insights that AI-driven Big Data research brings. The data reinforces expectations concerning areas that you intuitively believe will develop, but equally identifies value that would not be possible to arrive at in any other way.

Konrad Finkenzeller

Head of Global Client Solutions, Capital Markets

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PATRIZIA monitors and assesses developments in 142 European cities to constantly identify opportunities for investment. You can gain full access to many of our tools and data by registering.

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Amenities Magnet

The benefits of proximity.

The proximity of a property to amenities, such as parks, schools and shopping centres, can raise or significantly lower its value. This is well known, but now this exact dynamic, as well as the intersecting relationship between multiple features, can be plotted using the PATRIZIA Amenities Magnet.

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Spatial Dynamic Analysis

Identifying emerging opportunities.

Intelligent methods, like spatial-temporal econometrics, can detect previously unknown relations in data and discover new patterns that could only at best felt intuitively. Through such analysis, the trend in asking rents in key cities reveal new insights, such as identify when a market is becoming hot and, for example, which areas may see increases in rents next.

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